Clinique Smart Oil

The market is completely saturated with oils…including cleansing oils, something that has been a staple overseas for moons!  I’m actually rather delighted because oils are INCREDIBLY good for the skin.  The catch is that you just want to be sure you are using the appropriate oils for your skin type (for example, if you have an allergy…if you are prone to breakouts, etc.)

A newbie from Clinique has just launched, Smart Treatment Oil – it retails for $44 and you can find it on Ulta already.

The one thing that frustrates me about the brand is that it doesn’t like to list the ingredients – I was snooping around and as yet still unable to find them.  For me, seeing what’s in there FIRST is a must.

That said, I love the sound of “nurtures skin’s capacity for repair. Strengthens skin’s moisture barrier.”  Those two are always great news, especially as Fall and Winter are fast approaching.  If I do find ingredients, I will update the post!


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