Nail It Mag

I wasn’t really into the nail art thing until about two years into my Ballroom training – I actually went to nail salon under the duress of my then dance partner who insisted gel nails would make my lines longer.  

Despite my initial resistance, I certainly understood the importance of “elongating” my shapes on the floor – it’s the reason we wore flesh-toned (tan for Ballroom) sandals, and why some skaters wore tan skates, after all.  So the concept was nothing new…but getting my nails done was!

I tried the glue-on ones – DISASTER!  Forget what a pain it was, I’d inevitably (and painfully) lose one over the course of the competition.  NG.  No good.

And, I did the French manicure once or twice… But “my thing” is being different, and beating to my own drum and EVERYONE had French.  They still do.

I love glitter – one of the contrary facets of my tomboyish nature!  So, after trial and error, I tracked down my own UV glitter gel and have been brining it to my lady ever since.  Sadly, I’m moving in two months and will need to go back to square one…and my documented iPhone photos!

Over the last few years I’ve seen the glitter thing become trendy – not too thrilled with that, BUT…it does make it easier to get a hold of the stuff (I have used eBay Honk Kong for years!)  

Nail It Magazine is newer on the scene (the Japanese girls are giggling – they are WAY ahead of our curve!), speaking to the surge of nail decorations…and it’s a ton of fun.  

I didn’t have any blue gowns in Ballroom, but I’d so have done these if I did.  Nail It calls it “Cinderella.” photo photo

The look isn’t for the shy, clearly  And honestly, I think it’s more fit for Wintertime, than Spring or Summer…but it’s beautiful all the same!  Colors can be played with, of course – a Springtime sky blue, maybe?  Neon even?! – but the idea for the diagonal degrade dots, and mull-sized glitter is gorgeous.

Happy to see that nail art has become so big over here…not so much so I can fit in (I’d rather not!), but more because then I get a few less looks when my glittery claws catch the sun!


5 thoughts on “Nail It Mag

    • I thought so too! 🙂 I sometimes get frustrated with my gel, because I’m so active – I actually only go about once a month (most ladies won’t wait more than two weeks, but finding the time IS tough, and feels kind of high maintenance!) Because I do a natural color, I can kind of “fill in” the grown out part and by so doing, get away with not going as often! *lol* 😉

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  1. I post nail art tutorials, and reviews if you want to check my blog out! I try to do easy enough designs, so everyone can try them!xx


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