Making The Cut

This skin-baring Spring / Summer 2015 Trend – Cut-Outs – does account for the climbing thermometer, but I’m not sure it is all together the most wearable trend.  

In small peeps, and demure doses...of which you can see the likes in’s Gallery…you can absolutely get away with it.

A judiciously-placed geometric cut-out, a well-designed array of straps…a tailored crop hem, or petitely-punched pop-outs could work really well…but a light touch is really all you need.  

Runways are notorious for pushing the envelope just a hair too far…which is okay when pop stars and uber-celebs need something for an awards show! – it is, after all, survival of the fittest / sassiest / most ostentatious-OR-show-stopping (in which case ostentation is kind of a no-brainer!)  

So, sure, paired with an elaborate, pointed gel mani and bold baubles, I think this all would work nicely…

I am, incidentally, having flashbacks to some of my International Latin Ballroom competition costumes -swaovskis in spades, and cut-outs like fabric was “so not ‘in’.”

But for the rest of us mortals...(and, dancers,  for non-competition days), the trend is best toned-down.  It isn’t as friendly for less-than-tiny frames either – I’m not sure if any of you saw the Seinfeld’s HILARIOUS piece on Elaine buying a dress at Barney’s only to discover that the mirrors MUST have been “slimming”?  

I think at one point she said she looked like a sausage in a casing – I nearly split my sides.  She didn’t, honestly – she’s rather slight!  But the point is that sometimes these snazzy patterns don’t translate as well when you have any substance to you.

Trust me, no judgements here – I am a mesomorphic body type with some endo tendencies, who has been through eating disorders….so I’ve been UBER tiny (not good), and more womanly and athletic…  Cut-outs have to be REALLY strategically placed on me…so I DON’T look like a walking sausage!  *LOL*

So the trend is an interesting one… I loved the summery halter up top, for one.  There ARE ways to do this, and if you are comfortable, who really cares!  

But I know I am sometimes a bit self-conscious with cut-outs.  In my Latin competitions, my extra coats of self tanner were ALSO strategically placed. 😉  

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