The Fun Of Cardio

No…not really.  *LOL*

I’m not a huge cardio fan, I’ll be perfectly honest.  In many ways, it is a necessary evil and I go along with it because I knoooow it’s going to help my cause.  (You’ll notice I’m more of a weights girl.)  

Devil Cartoon 6281,, (c) Mark Anderson

Devil Cartoon 6281,, (c) Mark Anderson

I much prefer my taekwondo class, dancing or skating, though…ANYthing that has me distracted while simultaneously sweating bullets and getting my blood to pump.  But the traditional stuff (endless, indoor miles, elliptical etc) is difficult for me.

I’ll sprint on a treadmill, but I really have to get in the zone – I ALWAYS see results when I do HIIT so I’ll periodically tap my shoulder for the cardio dEVIL to hop on to get me through said “necessary evil.”  

I always feel better at the end.  Always.

Devil Cartoon 6696,, (c) Mark Anderson

Devil Cartoon 6696,, (c) Mark Anderson

Cycling isn’t a piece of cake either – sometimes I do sprints, other times I SERIOUSLY grind (as in 50 or 60 rpm) – ouch.  Again, I will ALWAYS feel better AFTER I do it…so I focus on that, and work towards it.  As a goal-setter, I know this strategy has the best chance of a completed outcome – whatever it takes.


On the really tough days, when I just dang well don’t feel like it?  I’ll just drop something like a credit card on the floor…because with the “ballroom nails” gel manicure I still have, picking up ANYTHING off the floor will be a solid dose of cardio.  You *think* I’m kidding.

I’m not!

I usually laugh at everything – I’m part giggleian.  But this scenario is so hideously annoying that the sweat I work up just from being peeved burns calories!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.14.47 PM

Matter of fact, I willing to wager that anyone present will get a nice ab workout from observing the whole fiasco.  

So if you’re having a rough day too, give me a call – we’ll ditch the devil and the bikes and play a game of pick-up-Amex.  

Ohhh boy!  


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