Givenchy Tient Couture

Givenchy has a new addition for summer 2015 – Teint Couture “Embellishing” Concealer.  Why embellishing?  I’m not entirely sure…but perhaps it’s in that the product is “a dual-toned, silky concealer that hides imperfections and illuminates”?

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.49.32 AM

Whatever the reason, the concealer sounds pretty darn amazing – it’s priced at $35, which in my own mind is kind of hefty, but if it lives up to it’s claims, it could be like a Touch Éclat type situation.

“One side features a universal pink, light-reflecting stripe that instantly brightens up dark circles, smoothing away the look lines and signs of fatigue, and the other, darker side color corrects and erases imperfections. Formulated with bi-colored pigments to conceal and highlight the skin around the eyes, this concealer brightens up the complexion.” photo photo

Sephora isn’t showing any reviews as yet, and I haven’t seen others online.  I am sure, however, that they will be cropping up shortly!

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