Transformation Inspiration

I was really excited to see this section – Transformations – highlighted in one of my more recent Newsletters from Bodybuilding (all photos and stories are theirs!)

I L < 3 VE to see people’s photos and read their success stories! ❤  

Far too often I have seen individuals give up, feeling disheartened and overwhelmed.  But it is NEVER too late to get in shape, whether you have been active before, or it is all together new.  

It is NEVER, EVER too late.

You can start today, and you can start as slowly as you need to…

Starting is really more than half the battle, so putting in the effort at all puts you ahead in the game!

I feel like more and more publications – in print and online – are featuring “Success Stories,” and honestly, I feel like it is the most important part.  Learning how to eat and how to safely exercise is right up there, of course…but actually seeing others achieve helps us to see that it is possible.  If they can do it, why can’t WE?!

Some of the stories revolve around illness or serious injuries.  Others are folks just trying to stave off health problems down the line…

And yet others want to get back into the shape they once enjoyed…or start to become more active in Life in general.  Whatever the reason, there is very likely many others out there in the same boat.

You aren’t alone, and you not only DESERVE to be active…but you CAN be.

So don’t give up, ever.  

You got this!

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