Shiseido Snow Beauty

The name conjures images of crystalline snow flakes and an icy, moonlit glow…doesn’t it?

It might be the figure skater in me but I feel like there is something so magical about Wintertime – so many people complain about it but…  

The SOUNDS Winter makes…

The scent of the air…

That pearlescent sheen of snow!  

It’s divine!  

And I thought of it all at once when I saw this pale, semi-transparent powder.

According to ChicProfile (or perhaps Shiseido directly), it will gradually increase the clarity of your skin while covering the unevenness of your complexion and also minimizing and covering your pores.”  

The product contains active whitening ingredients as well, helping you to achieve that bright, porcelain perfection, nary a freckle in sight.  I have some freckling – thank you, great ball of fire-in-the-sky for adding to them! – so such a promise, of glowingly clarity, is one I am truly excited about.

The formula, gently fragranced with white florals, contains  “tranexamic acid and hyaluronic acid for moisturizing.”  It is recommended as both a daytime powder, as well as evening, as it has skincare properties.

This beautifully snowflake-encircled compact will be available on the 21st of September in Japan.  Rolling out from there, I suspect!  I did see a pre-sale here, shipping September 25th as well.

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