The trendie is very headed-into-Fall…which works for moi!  Anything vampy and I am all over it, so I can’t help but love this luscious Berry Trend! photo photo

I only ever wore lipstick for performances…but it doesn’t stop me from wanting them…or ogling over stunning shades and swatches! 😀

While I adore patent and glossy, I also think the matte trend is fab-u-lous!  It’s edgy and refined, and makes such a statement…add to that a dark and mysterious hue, and you are guaranteed to stand out!

Bite Frozen Berries actually only offers only five “flash-frozen” shades – sounds pretty delectable, honestly, and looks that way too! photo photo

Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid offers several bite-worthy hues as well, including:

  • Dammed – black cherry
  • Exorcism – ripe blackberry
  • Vampira – reddish burgundy
  • Bauhau5 – deep raspberry…

Nosferatu, which I’d just want because…Nosferatu!…is a blood red crimson.  I think that can be counted partially! photo photo

NARS Audacious has a relatively large assortment as well – it could be up to fourteen berry beauties if you consider the fresh-picked strawberry and rich raspberry hues in addition to all those bold blackberries! photo photo

Sephora features about eight lippies for this trend, though you can peruse up to 165 on the site….many of which, I am SURE, will include a blackened burgundy or, at least, something berry-ish.  (If not…any wine will do, darling! 😉 ) 


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