D&G Autumn / Winter 2015 – #dglovesfall

The Fall 2015 collection from D&G – “Soft pink, vibrant amethyst and golden hues bring natural warmth and sensuality to the #dglovesfall makeup look – has listed online with a cutsie lil’ video preview.  

The colors are very sophisticato in feeling (if you ask me) – ladylike with plumy-rose, and retro edge…

A couple of lovely bloggers have been able to test some of the goodies out – ReallyRee posted a whole bunch of wonderful photos and swatches, along her comments and color lineups, as has ChicProfile.

I’ll be honest, some of the shades feel less “wearable”…or maybe as far as translating to the average, non-fashionista…  Some will work beautifully, while others feel like a stretch with most skin tones.

There’s almost a 70s flavor for some of the shades, though I don’t know whether that was the intention – nudes, dusty roses, with these pops of purple, off-tone blues and tan…  Could just be me conjuring up retro paisleys,who knows!

I LOVE, however, how these colors look in these swatches – vibrant and pigmented, and not as “off”-seeming as in the package.  The rose in the center is divine.

The Collection will be available in the USA and Internationally in August, and has nine products (with the majority having multiple shades.)

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