Newbies at Ulta

Ulta is ever posting new products!  Here are a few of the newest…

Yes To has two new items from the ‘Maters lineup!  A charcoal soap, and a skin-clearing body wash – both great for summer when we are sweating more, and clogs have a way of getting clogged!

Ulta is also now offering Catrice, a “stylish, vibrant” brand “inspired by the trends in the fashion capitals of the world.”  Catrice has been overseas in the European Union, so it’s exciting to see Ulta pick it up – Ulta online has definitely had some substantial expansion recently, adding several non USA brands to the virtual shelves (YAY!)  

I also spotted this new Correcting Concealer and Touch Up Veil Duo from Bareminerals – at first glance, my concern was whether the zip case was enough to keep the formulas from drying out but…I’m sure they did testing!  Reviews will tell!

2B Colours, another European Union familiar face, is being offered as well.  2B products are made in France and other European countries, focusing on quality and innovation…and tons of fun.

There are new things posting all the time, of course, but these are a few of the more recent additions! 🙂

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