NAIL IT! Snapshots – Marble and Gradient

Nail It! Mag always has something amazing going on… The effects that people can create are utterly astounding!  I’d be nervous to even try, lest I redecorate the apartment a la an Easter egg!

(Incidentally, I spotted Minions and shark tutorials just now… You really never know!)

With its Rainbow-Bright-esque moniker, the Unicorn Gradient had to be ebullient, do you think?  It’s eye-catching, to be sure, when you hit the sun gleaming!  I adore glitter (you can just go ahead and let me *think* it belies my age!)  I’m never this much fun with mine, though, but I’d love to see it done!  

Remarkably, it takes on three polishes to achieve (you might like an assortment of the OPI Tints, but you can hypothetically just use three to create the glitter, plus three colors) – yes indeed, that childhood color wheel rears its fancy-pants head again!

  • China Glaze in Glistening Snow
  • OPI Sheer Tints
  • Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat

And then there’s the several-steps up from the “can do easily,” with the Marbling technique.  The Behind The Scenes with @Sloteazzy is pretty impressive!

It looks a lot like art class…!

Or maybe a tie-dye tee camp project on a mini scale…?

All I can say is…WOW.  (Not sure how I’d handle the growing out but…uh-mazing!)

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