Mid-Summer Grapefruit

So Yes To has added a while bunch of snazzy goodies to the Grapefruit lineup for Summer 2015…and they look pretty snazzy!  Thank you to MusingsofaMuse, whose posts I adore, for sharing the news!  She’s such a peach, and I hadn’t yet seen them on the site! 🙂

The collection includes:

  • Pore Perfection Brightening Peel (I LOVE brightening peels!)
  • Pore Perfection Night Treatment to treat and moisturize
  • Pore Perfection Paper Mask to refine pores
  • Pore Perfection Toning Mist for a “radiant” skintone (I adore mists, so excited about this one!)

Now keep in mind that we can’t up and make pores disappear…but we can give them a helping hand (more like a temporary eraser!) by using topical solutions.  Lightening is also hard to do on a deeper level, but sloughing off dead skin cells is a great way to revive your glow for sure!

You can snag these at Yes To Carrots if you can’t wait for them to hit in-store!

These aren’t yet posted on Ulta, however, but should be cropping up sometime this month.

Ulta photo

Ulta photo


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