Custom Infusion

Cover FX, following on a successful launch of Custom Cover Drops, has just introduced Custom Infusion Drops – four specialty formulas for extra skin loving, and complete customization. 

  • Vitamin A plus Jasmine for anti aging
  • Vitamin E plus Chamomile for a calming effect
  • Vitamin C plus Lemongrass for extra radiance
  • Vitamin F plus Neroli for added hydration

I always loved dropper bottles – they have an old-world apothecary feel to them.  But I also love that companies are not only taking a nod from overseas, but fully embracing some new ideas, allowing us to pick and choose according to personal skin needs (which can vary as easily as (or with!) the weather!), and create in the comfort of our own homes.  Yay for that! 🙂

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