MAC (Onwards and) Upward(s)

Mac Upward Mascara has just launched online…  These days there is such an over saturation OF products that it’s hard to know how formulas differ, and whether the hoopla is equal to purchasing.

MAC Upward Lash claims to create “high-rise levels of volume, length and curl”…in seconds.  

The key component of this is that the “moulded brush” has a hollow center, allowing for the wand to maintain a “large reservoir of mascara for instant loading onto fringe.”

So…therein lie your differences.  

As for reviews…I haven’t heard much yet.  I get a little nervous with “reservoirs” because I don’t like to be heavy-handed with anything on my lashes… That said, the moulding may somehow distribute it for a more feathery fringe…  

From the ad image, it’s definitely noticeable, but it isn’t overdone (which, for me personally, is a huge plus!)

2 thoughts on “MAC (Onwards and) Upward(s)

  1. I just bought this product and am waiting for it to arrive. They had me at “length and curl” haha. As soon as I’ve tried it out, I’ll post my review on it! I hope it’s everything they say it is! xx

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