Come September, Make Up Forever will add two new HD items to their roster – the Ultra HD Stick Foundation, and the Ultra HD Liquid Foundation.

How does it differ from the original HD Liquid that’s out?  The Ultra HD has been designed to work with the 4k technology that is (frighteningly) our ultra-up-close-and-personal reality.  No matter how magnified the resolution, the idea is that these new additions will look completely natural on camera, and to anyone who happens to be with you in person (which makes more sense for us non-silver-screen-imortals!) 

The formulation is enhanced with the following (as per ChicProfile’s post)…

The Liquid will be offered in 40, medium-coverage shades….and the Stick will be offered in 15.

Much that I get excited about such things, ingredients and whether a formula is comedogenic matter to me…so I will keep my eyes peeled (“oil-free” doesn’t guarantee no issues, fyi!)  

I recently got Innisfree’s Longwear Cushion and I’m loving so…I may not buy these right off the bat.  Not to say I don’t *want* to! 😉 


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