Tarte Fall 2015

A few newbies have cropped up on the Tarte website for Fall!  

The ones that look especially delightful include the following (though there are more products, as in the photos below and the link above!):

As an owner of black-to-berry, color-changing gloss, I LOVE LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint in Energy Noir.  Excited to see this, and the Lip Gloss in person!

Glisten, which appears to be a shimmering peachy-pink, has been added to the Cheek Stain and Power Pigment roster – the stains are really sheer and glowy, and this coloring would work on a lot of skin tones.

Lights, Camera, Lashes, Closeup Lash Liner is a “tightlineing twist-up” with “triple-black pigment” – talk about making impact!

sephora.com photo

sephora.com photo

The Sculptor offers the same sculpting color of the stick they first came out with, but it has been updated (which makes a whole lot more sense, not to mention has a better chance of competing in the marketplace) with a Double-Ended Highlighter.  Anything that can achieve multiple looks or effects in one package is a positive!

The Energy Noir Palette also looks pretty gorgeous – “muddier” shades often look amazing on the skin, and these seem to fit the dustier bill, with plums and taupe-y neutrals.  

sephora.com photo

sephora.com photo

sephora.com photo

sephora.com photo

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