Don’t Blow It!

Bumble and Bumble recently came out with Don’t Blow It (H)air Styler, a unique cream product meant to make all our lives a little bit easier…and keep our hair that much healthier. has posted some thoughts, as has,, and others. 

From the sound of it, users are liking the lightweight, non-crunchy feel, the texture it provides minus stickiness, and the frizz taming.  During the most frizz-prone time of the year, it is kind of tempting… photo photo photo photo

I personally don’t dry my hair a whole lot – it’s mid to lower back so I have a LOT of it, but it’s fine.  Frizz and flyways are incredibly annoying, but I keep away from the dryer in effort to keep my hair as healthy as possible – infrequent drying makes a difference (though frizzies are then par for the course, depending on humidity!) So, I like that B&B has created another styling product that can help us to air dry with less frazzled results.  

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