Just a Drop

There are several water-like, dropper foundations coming out these days… I feel there is a lot of Asian inspiration in these, call me crazy.

CoverFX came out with their CoverFX Custom Color Drops and you just KNEW that other companies were going to follow suit (the fun is, that always happens!  Yay for consumers! 😉 ) Incidentally, Physicians Formula came out with dropper foundations quite a bit earlier…though we all know Armani was one of the first to the party years ago!

Sephora photo

Sephora photo

Smashbox’s Camera Ready BB Water touts an spf of 30, which I’m fond of.  It’s lightweight, but purportedly covers imperfections like a pro, keeping you demi-matte and hydrated.  I do have the 24 concealer and I have to say…it’s amazing.

Smashbox photo

Smashbox photo

MAC has ALSO come out with a liquid (available in September, 2015), MAC Studio Waterweight, used backstage at the Autumn/Winter 2015/16 Shows (such as Donna Karan and Marni.)  Makeup artists were LOVING it, so don’t be surprised if you get bombarded with images and reviews!

Chic Profile photo

Chic Profile photo

They all sound great to me – love lightweight heavy-hitters! ❤

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