Khloe’s Ecaille Color

So apparently this is a new technique, and one that is uber popular among celebs. It involves a variety of multidimensional angles and caramel color “fusing” involved (it sounds delicious!)  The end, tortoiseshell result is divine…and reasonably natural looking.  We are all born perfect, of course! 😉

Ecaille has edged out ombre, it seems, and is “piggybacking off balayage.”  Just in case you are wondering!

I normally wouldn’t DARE post anything Kardashian-related – the girls are gorgeous, they could ALL be makeup artists, and models, and fashionistas (oh wait, they kind of already are!)  Anyway…despite all that, I’m not into the show, or what it stands for. At all.  

Having admitted that up front, I can’t deny that the coloring Khole is sporting is pretty darn fabulous.  I’m not sure I’m talented enough (OR patient enough) to do this myself…but I love that there is a tutorial for those brave enough to give it a whirl!  

(If not, just mention it to your stylist – I am SURE they know plenty about it already!) 

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