Happiness. The Inside Job.

This is an incredibly powerful statement, and one which I know intimately…from all angles.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 5.14.23 PM

A heavy hitter, 1,000%.  Make no mistake about it, these words…yes, just on their own, are Life-altering, mind-bending, Earth-shaking.

I KNEW what it meant all along.

I’d HEARD it a million times…

I’d READ it over and over, and SEEN it throughout the years…

And I UNDERSTOOD it, both intellectually and conceptually.

But I didn’t believe it for myself.  Until 2015.

You cannot dupe the Universe, folks.  You just CAN’T.  Whatever you call it, whomever you call it…until you fundamentally believe this statement, nothing changes.  For me, there is no lose…no “negative” in that comment – there is so much possibility and so much magic waiting in the wings for you...waiting to unfold like a budding rose in Spring, reaching to the beams of light that wake it.

When you don’t believe, things have a way of staying the same…

But when you DO…when you take that leap of faith of whatever kind makes sense to YOU, and you honor yourself enough to recognize that you have ALL the power and control in YOUR Life?  The World shifts entirely.




It’s MAGIC of a singular kind – your joy does not rest within anyone else but the person staring back at you in the mirror.  The freedom in that alone is astounding.  

No human being has the right, responsibility, nor control to give or withhold your happiness.  It is inside of you, just for you…and the magic in that is that you can never, EVER be without it.


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