Stila Perfectly Poreless

Stila has just introduced a Perfectly Poreless Putty just in time for summer!  The product features a “unique moldable texture” which helps to give the skin an airbrushed perfection…  The former calls to mind the “bouncy” touch of many Asian products on the market.  The latter claim reminds me of the plethora of other “perfectors” out there…  But why not another one!?

The nice thing is that this has a variety of shades, much like a foundation would.  Some “putties” are only offered in translucent, so I like that this “beyond foundation” compact does have some color to it…and not in only one tone.

There are rather a few hard-to-pronounce names in the ingredient list (it isn’t quite as long as it appears, fortunately – multiple shades are listed), but at least the ingredients ARE listed (drives me BONKERS when they aren’t!)  So, thank you, Stila, for that.  I steer clear of Lauroyl Lysine myself because it can clog pores, at least for me!  


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