L’Oreal Trend Predictions – A/W 2015/16

The top artists at L’Oreal Professionnel have weighed in on what they feel are the top three hair trends for Fall 2015, based on the Autumn / Winter 2015 / 2016 Runways.  

Sculptural Romance

This trend gives a nod (or several) “to old fashioned elegance,” as hairstyles included “swirls and sculptural” goings-on.  Well, as a former ballroom dancer, I can safely say that this photo is something you might well see in a smooth or standard competition.  Provided, of course, there is a whole can of stay-put hairspray involved!  It’s gorgeous, either way, and WILL take some time (and talent!) to do.

Nod to the 90’s 

“The unrestricted attitude of the 90’s…provides the perfect mix of masculine and feminine.”  I feel like this is heading into ease-of-hairdo territory, much like the Modern Bohemian.  I was never a huge 90’s fan, because grunge just wasn’t my scene.  But I AM sporty so the idea that I can claim my updo is edgy, rock ‘n’ roll, and “in” works well so…I’m game! 😉

Modern Bohemian

“…All about an exaggerated but natural look with added volume and texture,” this trend is natural, borderline unkempt (in this way, kind of effortless and easy), with a bit of sex appeal and rock thrown in.  It’s always nice when you can roll out of bed and say, “oh, but they are ALL doing this, you know!”

I love to see the shows – despite that in my former World of Ladies Footwear everyone believed it was so, it wasn’t just about the shoes! *lol* There are so many layers to the Catwalks, and all of us were watching with bated breath – hair, makeup, apparel, footwear, accessories…you name it, the Shows deliver inspiration to a variety of industries, always, without fail.

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