Estée Lauder New Dimension

I am delighted to see that a cosmetic company has taken the sculpting trend beyond the visage! I suppose in its own way, the degrade lip is of the ilk…but it isn’t the same thing entirely.

Estée Lauder’s New Dimension – Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit features a Smoothing Base, Highlighter and Contour trio aiming to create “bigger, brighter, more defined-looking eyes.”  Yes, a contouring product to define the upper portion – equally as important – of the eye.  In fact, on their site, they even have a section FOR “contouring” under “EYE.” photo


Undereye concealers and light-refracting pigments can help, absolutely…but I know first hand that prepping the lid can make a BIG difference in how rested a person looks.  Add to it some contouring and I am sure that awake-and-sultry gaze will be more noticeable!

I haven’t seen swatches, but am keeping my eyes peeled.  Absolutely LOVE this concept, and love how neutral these shades are (that said, I’d love to see it in a variety of tonalities so more complexions can get away with this fancy little secret.)

(It retails for $40, but if it actually works…it’s a nice, non-invasive option! 😉 )

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