Shiseido Full Lash

There is definitely no shortage of lash conditioners on the market but I hadn’t seen Shiseido Full Lash until now…  

Full Lash is a serum packaged in a tube with a flocked applicator – other brands, instead, use a liner-like brush.  I personally think the formulation matters a great deal as far as which applicator is best, so for a serum this probably makes sense.

For lifters out there, Arginine isn’t new…but it has been also cropping up in topical products for its ability to help “restore the condition of hair like lashes and brows” (L’oreal came out with shampoos conditioners fearing the ingredient not too long ago.)

The formula is meant to hydrate and condition for fuller “looking,” healthier, and shinier lashes and brows.  I always note the “appear fuller” and “fuller looking” phrases because it may not actually help with substantial growth.  

That said, it will help to help them stay healthier longer (we do lose hair here regularly, and more so with age) which keeps them in place for more of a duration.

I haven’t tried it myself but I have been babying my lashes since I was young – thank you SO MUCH, mom, for that amazing advice!

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