Hedwig Diggs, and the MAC Brigade

I was scrolling along, minding my business, and I moused over an article about Taye Diggs taking the role as Hedwig in the eponymous Broadway show…

I mean…how could you miss it?!

I wish I could say I knew the makeup artist…but I’m not sure.  As a dancer, performer, and lover of Ancient Egyptian history (at which time kohl was THE THING for all sexes!)…I can totally appreciate the artistry here, without delving into anything beyond that.  It is, after all, ART.  No doubt about it, makeup artists are amazing.  I heard the show was quite something, and I bet Taye is phenomenal.

It also reminded me of the recent photos MAC Cosmetics has been posting of Mens Fashion Week S/S 2016 Backstage

MAC Instagram photo

MAC Instagram photo

MAC Instagram photo

MAC Instagram photo

MAC Instagram photo

MAC Instagram photo

I think what sometimes people forget is that when you are on stage / on a runway / on the ice / performing at a distance…makeup MATTERS.  

It helps define the features of the face, and therefore the expressions.  

It also further enhances “the look,” keeping us in character.  So while it may seem outlandish in some places…I see it and go “oh, neat.  Cool effects!” and I move on…  

I’m used to it because it is, to me, ART, and an extension of the mood.  

It might also be that my dance partner stole my mascara at competitions, but…I think it’s more the former. 🙂


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