Wholly Guacamole…Verde!

Oh YAY!  A new addition to Wholly Guacamole’s lineup came out, Avocado Verde Dip!

Avocados are GREAT for you, don’t get me wrong – they are, yes indeed, the “good fats.”  But sometimes they feel too heavy for me – I’m not the biggest fan of it in large slices (sushi doses work better for me)  But, I love that because of the fat, avocados help with satiety (among many other lovely benefits.)  This awesome little dip doesn’t have a ton of fat per serving, but for the lower calorie count, I think that’s okay – if you had two servings *not hard to do* you’re up to 5 grams of (good) fat for only 70 calories.

Mind you, I am not suggesting anyone be obsessive over calories – I’ve been down that eating-disorder-road, and it was severe, unpleasant, and flat-out debilitating.  As in, I was 45 lbs lighter with some serious health ramifications!  So, while the onset of my two (anorexia and exercise bulimia) wasn’t at all because I felt the need to get skinnier (rather, from PTSD), I knew how many calories were in EVERYTHING.  Nightmare.

That said, I have a ton of friends who do figure competition…so for them, macros, calories…it all matters.  For the rest of us just trying to be healthy, I think it is helpful to be mindful, but NOT something we should go bananas about.  We all have different goals and needs so it will be entirely situational.

Now then…why I like that this has 35 calories a servings IS

I can enjoy avocado without going overboard.  With those good fats – peanut butter, olive oil, nuts, avocado – going overboard is way too easy to do!  Enter Wholly Guacamole’s Verde Dip and problem solved.  Provided you aren’t going to house several containers in one sitting, this is a less calorically-hefty portion in comparison to the full-fat, full-fruit (yes, it is a fruit…and also, kind of, a berry!) mix.

There isn’t much IN this product…which is something I LOVE.  Nine ingredients isn’t horrific, let’s be honest (have you SEEN labels in the last decade?!) So I don’t know about you but I am going to see if I can find it over in the produce area…I think it would be a nice alternate to my hummus from time to time!

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