Buckles and Badassery at the Dojang

Well…it’s more like buckles, badassery, and ballets at the dojang.  My Grandmaster LOVES that I am a dancer (I regularly tell him he is one inherently, though he protests – his love of movement transcends his own Arts)…but in this case I mean that I was in ballet flats today.  


I actually don’t love ballet flats…but I can’t stand flip flops, and can’t very well be barefoot all the time!  We all need something for warmer weather that’s easy to slip on.  I found these Nine West ballets and the upper was…I thought…kind of badass.  


The multi-buckle, oval ring, and several-strapped style has kind of a punky flair…and that works for me.  I’m not exactly girlie girl, so I don’t do well with the traditional bow-adorned, or cutsie-rounded styles (and the like.)  Mind you, I WAS classically trained in ballet, I am a dancer, and I love glitter…but all in all, I’m more tough around the edges and can’t – believably – pull off something too demure and sweet.


So…I snagged these, and I love them.  I can slip them on and off, which is a great thing when I get to the dojang and want to get started!  I can’t say it is the best look on the planet, but they’re black (my favorite! 🙂 ) so they…er…blend…with my dobok pants.  


At least I think so…and since I’m the one wearing them, I guess that’s all that matters!



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