Lime Crime Velvetines

I’m admittedly a bit conflicted posting about Lime Crime – while I don’t know the whole story, it sounds like the owner isn’t particularly nice, or fair in business – for me, that kind of ruins it.  I was terribly disappointed to hear it, as I already own a few of the lip products (which I used for Ballroom competitions, and LOVED), and wanted to get the Velvetines in Wicked.

What I can say in addition, though, is that I think everyone has a right to make his or her own decisions, and those who do love Doe Deere’s products will enjoy knowing there are a few more shades to the Velvetine lineup – Faded. Shroom, and Bleached.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.07.34 PM

Of the “Last Dance With Penny Lane” looks, this shade my my fav…

Daisy, Rose and Violet are the heroines in this tale, toting along a glittering, candy apple guitar…

If you are a Lime Crime fan, worth taking a peek.  Some of the palettes are back in stock for a limited time too…


2 thoughts on “Lime Crime Velvetines

  1. I’m so confused over my thoughts of this brand!! Love this post would be fab if you could check out my latest post too x x


    • Me too!!! Ugh! I was so frustrated when I heard the owner was not so nice…because the products are great. I think attitude and treatment of others definitely outweighs fun lippies, but one always hopes BOTH are on the up and up! I will take a look! 😀

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