Hope Foods

I only recently discovered this brand – as, fortunately, a local Whole Foods started to carry it!  I stumbled upon it looking for hummus, and was pleasantly excited by the options!  I have to avoid a lot of hummus brands because they contain safflower and / or sunflower oil (part of a plant family to which I am apparently allergic.)  

I also care that whatever hummus I get isn’t exorbitantly loaded with calories (which typically comes from unnecessary sources) – hummus is easy to overdo, particularly give the rate at which I DEVOUR my veggies.  But then it’s down to flavors…and while I LOVE roasted red pepper, I sometimes feel like something dashing and new.

Enter HOPE.  

The brand began in a backyard at the Boulder Farmers Market – I LOVE that! ❤ Hope was born out of a curiosity to create a new twist on hummus, while also maintaining a healthy profile with high quality, organic, and sustainable ingredients.  I don’t proselytize about what is, and isn’t right in the food industry – not my place, nor my profession (plus, everyone is different!)  But when it comes to what I eat personally, I prefer C L E A N.  

I don’t do sugar (which my body abhors!), and I do get results from a high amino supplement – in those cases, sucralose is probably my worst offender.  I am therefore far from perfect, but I do my best.  HOPE leaves junk and fillers to the waist side – the ingredients are clean…AND pronounceable!  I took one look at the label and brought the goodness home!

I love the dark chocolate spread, and I am currently using the curry lentil dip on my steamed veggies – DELISH!  The curry lentil tastes exactly as you would expect it to – both flavors come through, remarkably (we all know that doesn’t happen with overly processed goodies!)


The dark chocolate spread, I find, to be quite good.  I don’t drink but I did have chocolate liqueur when I was much younger – it reminds me of that, for some reason.  It’s worth a whirl if you love healthy foods (and I say that for all the obvious reasons, but also because “health foods” often taste more like the REAL thing.  If you eat clean, you are used to that – many folks are used to filler and processed, so they likely don’t have the same gustatory perception. Yep. I said it!)

My brother and his wife love healthy options also and found a different variety at their market than I saw here.  I’m hoping we get more of the flavors as well, though it seems our Whole Foods has a solid assortment (happy they introduced it at all!)  Definitely worth checking out if you are into dipping veggies or healthy crisps of some kind or another!

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