NYC Jaunt

For whatever reason I felt like I hadn’t been to the City (New York City, that is!) in a while, and it was time I went in.  

I used to haunt the streets of Soho and, quite conversely, the Upper East Side, back in my Fashion days – most people thought the sound of shopping for work was a blast…but they often forgot the part about being correct when it came to the trends (which we were spending a fortune on!)!  Being “on trend” was really the whole point – we needed to see what was in-store and being asked for on the floor…and we needed to bring some of it home to decipher!  

All that aside, the people watching gave us a whole lot of insight as well – what you see in the street, you know is working.

I didn’t, however, go in to analyze trends, or to stare at the feet of passersby – I just went in to take a long walk, on a beautiful day, and snoop around the stores (I’m more ninja-like, or so I prefer to believe! 😉 I slink in and out of shops without really engaging much – the traffic down there is always jamming so you learn to maneuver through the crowds.  That said, I was wearing my white snake cowboy boots…which did not go unnoticed.


I ran into Ricky’s NYC when I got down there – it’s probably a 6 or so mile round trip that I do, and takes about 50 minutes to get from Grand Central to Soho on foot.  Ricky’s is literally a MECCA for any hairstylist, makeup artist, product junkie, OR product snob.  They have EVERYTHING.  From hard-to-find products, to accessories, to tools of the trade…it’s all accounted for in spades.  One of my favorite stores for performance makeup, and worth checking out if you perform at all.



After running around for a while, I needed to grab a snack – Dean & Deluca is DIVINE, so in I went.  I couldn’t really take photos because there were a lot of staff around (and no one really likes that)…but the tomatoes and peppers look stellar! 😀 


I grabbed a fruit salad, because that always works in a pinch for me!  I ended up waiting to have it on the train, and by then I was so hungry I added to my colorful nutrients, a Health Warrior Chia bar – I’m not sure it would be for people who love snickers, but honestly, I thought it was great.  The chocolate peanut butter is by no means overwhelming, as far as those flavors go…but they’re there.  I was reminded of a Doctor Radio segment in pediatrics this week and thought “yeah…I can totally picture loving this as a kid!”  It definitely aired on the “heath-food-person” side, but it was sweet and delish.




Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 9.51.02 PM


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