Sephora has really expanded over the years, and what I love about that is buying isn’t just relegated to on-line – you can actually find some of the harder-to-track-down products and brands in store now (making impulse purchases a bit more likely, but otherwise, amazing! 😉 ) 

One of those additions is Bésame Cosmetics – I always loved the brand because it is SO vintage pinup.  Dita Von Teese is one of my absolutely favorite ladies – despite that I am uber sporty, pretty low maintenance, wear barely-there cosmetics, and am rarely glam’ed up…I adore her.  I adore everything she stands for…and Bésame always brings that vibe to mind.

sephora.com photo

sephora.com photo

They added new contour and finishing brushes recently – these reminded me a lot of the MAC Oval and Linear brushes, which are rather a twist on the traditional shapes ladies are accustomed to.  The new Bésame brushes are a throw back to those used by makeup artists in the 1930’s – the handles are “easy to grasp” and made of soft, manmade fibers.  The website offers tips on how to use them, fortunately, to fill in the learning curve a bit.  

I always loved Sephora, but it is amazing to see how far the Company has come, even in the last decade – once upon a time, finding niche or specialty brands, brushes, or products was a NIGHTMARE.  Now they are not only at our fingertips, but we can visit a local store and get our paws on them to try them out! 😀

sephora.com photo

sephora.com photo

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