Sunday Style

We’ve been having an unseasonably cold Spring, I have to say…but it doesn’t stop hot rodders, for sure.  So long as it isn’t hailing, snowing, or pouring like mad (roadster + leather seats + rainstorm = BAD NEWS!)…it’s game on.


The sun was out, chasing away the chill with a broad and beaming smile, making it a perfect day to enjoy the gorgeousness of two ’32s.  I can’t claim to have had great camera exposure (many friends of mine are photographers – CRAZY talented ones, at that!), so I’m almost a bit embarrassed… But…a person can tell a car was being photographed, so it all works out. 😉

These two are particularly stunning – the burgundy and tan manages a sophisticated-but-sassy air, and the navy with tonal pinstriping, baby blue accents and interior is cool and classy (I’d say the same if we were talking pencil skirts and pumps, rest assured.)


We don’t get to see too many hot rods ’round here, which is a shame – they have a way of making a day so much more fun.  MAGIC! 😀

There are local meets around and about, but for the big shows, we usually head out to California.  The New England Hot Rod Reunion in New Hampshire is a nice new show, adding a sister to the Hot Rod Reunion out West (happy about it, as it allows New England Rodders a closer venue!)  I kind of feel like sightings are really special out my way, in this case, and it’s always a great opportunity to snag some cool shots. ❤ 



4 thoughts on “Sunday Style

      • I really try to! Life throws us some negative things that one must balance that by being as positive as possible. Plus doesn’t it feel good to say and be and hear positive things!? Thank you for the wishes of a lovely week. I most certainly will try! Peace, Koko

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  1. Me too. We are blessed, in this case, as there is much magic in our Lives. Everyone is entitled to being human and not having a perfect day all the time…but it’s how we handle it that makes all the difference. We are allowed to make mistakes there too, but I personally believe that being positive is the best way to be. 😀


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