Inked Shop Demi Loon

There’s a special place in my heart for rockabilly and psychobilly.  I’ve been involved with an automotive non-profit from some years, and because those “automotives” happen to be hot rods (and rat rods, and the like) I have the great pleasure to be immersed in the rockabilly and psychobilly scene from time to time – L ❤ V E.  It’s campy horror, classic vampery, sassiness, and a cheeky-but-always-badass twist.

Viva Las Vegas is one of the best shows to be in the thick of it – the fashion alone is divine.  These guys and gals truly LIVE ’50s.  No, they aren’t “making a statement” for the sake of it…they LOVE it, breathe it, live it.  And it’s amazing.  From the grooming, to the ink, to the cars, to the clothes…to the dancing and music…it’s all SO much fun.

I will no doubt be going on about that in later posts BUT…I got an Inked Shop newsletter today and it was all about Demi Loon.  The reason I bring up Viva is I can TOTALLY picture these been sold out there at the Show, and I pretty much want them all myself.  The model of course is adorable, with her hourglass figure to fit these really nicely (I wish my obliques came in more like hers!)  The styles are reminiscent of a ’50’s pin up, with a layer of badassery going on.  The “Betina” polkas are precious, and the “Drop Dead Darling” is too cute for words…

“Bad Apple” is one of those tanks that I would sport at the gym…just because, Ba Ba Black Sheep! 😀

And the Smokin’ hat would work for leg or back day when the hair HAS to be out of the way.  I might bend the visor a bit, because I personally prefer a curve… I love that the print is kind of hidden – just like my ink, it would be pour moi, as they say.  And honestly, that’s kind of the fun, no?  The mystery of it all?

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