My Iridescent Guess

I remember the year that iridescent was ALL the rage.  I mean, it was out in full force on the runways, gleaming with unabashed trickery!  Smoke and mirrors, in the best way possible! 🙂

I loved some of the lighter versions – there was something almost angelic about those ivories and pastels…  We had a nude, if I recall correctly…and nude with iridescence is SPECTACULAR!

Annnyway.… I remember when we made these, and I was thrilled to get my own pair!  The fun of these lustrous, polychromatic leathers…in patent, naturally, for extra “glow“…is that they go with SO much more.  I always feel a bit awkward donning black shoes with a color – not to say they don’t “go” but I just feel like they draw the eye too much.  I happen to wear black primarily but I also love jewel tones…


These prismatic pumps will go with anything teal, purple, black or even deep blue…and that is why I absolutely adore them!  Versatility is a dream! 😀 The split, slim metallic and covered heel is super sassy too, and works perfectly with the pointed toe.  These look gorgeous on, also, not just sitting there (incidentally, some only look good ON!)


So, way to go, us (back in the day!)  I’m so happy we made these, and thrilled I snagged a set myself.  I don’t wear heels much but there are occasions on which I am desperate for something easy, classy, sexy and sublime.  These DEFINITELY fit the bill!


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